Aurous was a free music streaming website that pulled content from over 120 sources. Journalists have compared its function to Popcorn Time, a software that made unlicensed film and television streams free and easily accessible. It was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America within days of its launch.


A simple, decentralized alternative to Spotify is poised to launch in the coming weeks.

Aurous, a new music streaming site operating on BitTorrent networks, functions as a kind of musical version of movie streaming project Popcorn Time. The service works through BitTorrent DHT search engine “Strike,” essentially turning each user into their own peer to peer search engine. It will be available for public alpha October 10.

Aurous advertises its interface as an easy-to-navigate technology for the average user that enables importing playlists from other apps like Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube. Geekier users also have the opportunity to look under the hood of the app and customize its code.



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