Lynda CINEMA 4D R18 2017 Essential Training Full Download

Lynda CINEMA 4D R18 2017 Essential Training Full Download



CINEMA 4D R18: The Basics introduces artists to the CINEMA 4D workflow, using CINEMA 4D as part of a pipeline that includes artwork from Adobe Illustrator and finishing touches in After Effects. Author Andy Needham explains the concepts and techniques that are crucial to understanding exactly how this 3D modeling software functions. Learn how to model objects, extrude shapes, animate the model and the camera in your scene, apply lighting and materials, and render out a fully realized 3D animation. Each step follows the development of a real-world motion graphics project—a 3D logo—so you can see C4D’s features in action.

Topics include:

  • Setting up scenes
  • Modeling with splines
  • Using Illustrator files in C4D
  • Extruding depth and detail
  • Animating in the Timeline
  • Creating clones
  • Using effectors
  • Lighting motion graphics
  • Applying materials
  • Creating animated materials
  • Compositing multipass renders with After Effects and C4D
  • Rendering motion graphics in C4D