MATLAB Product Family Highlights

  • MATLAB: Unified functions for 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D numerical integration and improved performance of basic math and interpolation functions
  • MATLAB Compiler™: MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) available for download, simplifying distribution of compiled applications and components
  • Image Processing Toolbox™: Automatic image registration using intensity metric optimization
  • Statistics Toolbox™: Enhanced interface for fitting, prediction, and plotting with linear, generalized linear, and nonlinear regression
  • System Identification Toolbox™: Identification of continuous-time transfer functions

Code Generation Products

  • HDL Coder™: New product that replaces Simulink HDL Coder and adds HDL code generation directly from MATLAB
  • HDL Verifier™: New product that replaces EDA Simulator Link and adds Altera FPGA-in-the-loop support
  • MATLAB Coder™: Code generation from user-defined System objects and automated generation of dynamic shared libraries
  • Embedded Coder®: AUTOSAR 4.0 compatibility, reduced data copies, and linking of code generation reports with Simulink Web views

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

  • Computer Vision System Toolbox™: Viola-Jones object detection, MSER feature detection, and CAMShift tracking
  • Communications System Toolbox™: USRP® radio support, LTE MIMO channel models, and GPU support for LDPC, turbo decoder, and other algorithms

Simulink Product Family Highlights

  • Simulink: Ability to run models directly from Simulink on target hardware including LEGO®MINDSTORMS® NXT™ and BeagleBoard™
  • SimMechanics™: Second-generation multibody modeling and simulation technology with new 3-D visualization
  • Real-Time Windows Target™: Real-time execution of models in Windows® using Simulink Normal mode

License: Fully Activated.