• MATLAB®: Unit test framework for the MATLAB language
  • Trading Toolbox™: A new product for accessing prices and sending orders to trading systems
  • Financial Instruments Toolbox™: Calibration and Monte Carlo simulation for Hull-White, Linear Gaussian, and LIBOR market models
  • Image Processing Toolbox™: Image segmentation using active contours, C code generation for 10 functions, and GPU acceleration for 11 functions
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox™: Kinect® for Windows®sensor support for acquiring images, depth maps, and skeleton data
  • Statistics Toolbox™: Support vector machines (SVMs) for binary classification, PCA algorithms for missing data, and Anderson-Darling goodness-of-fit test
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox™: Support Package for Digilent Analog Discovery Design Kit
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox™: XCP support for accessing ECUs on CAN bus

Simulink Product Family Highlights

  • Simulink®: Simulation Performance Advisor, masking of linked library blocks, and active variant control via logical expressions
  • Simulink: Built-in support for Raspberry Pi™ and Gumstix® Overo® hardware in addition to LEGO®MINDSTORMS® NXT, Arduino®, Pandaboard, and Beagleboard
  • SimRF™: Circuit Envelope solver for fast simulation and model load time
  • SimMechanics™: Published XML schema for importing models from CAD and other systems
  • Simulink Design Verifier™: Array out-of-bounds checking

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

  • Communications System Toolbox™: Sphere Decoder and Constellation Diagram System objects
  • Computer Vision System Toolbox™: Viola-Jones object detection training, FREAK feature extraction, and other new functions
  • DSP System Toolbox™: Spectrum Analyzer and Logic Analyzer scopes and triggering of time scopes
  • Phased Array System Toolbox™: Polarization support, array tapers, and apps for sensor array analysis, waveform analysis, and radar equation calculation

Code Generation

  • Simulink Coder™: Reduced data copies for Simulink functions called from Stateflow®
  • Fixed-Point Designer™: A new product that combines the functionality of Fixed-Point Toolbox™ and Simulink Fixed Point™
  • HDL Verifier™: HDL testbench generation from MATLAB

License: Fully Activated.