OpenCanvas 6.2.04 Full Version Download + Crack


OpenCanvas 6.2.04 Full Version Download + Crack


openCanvas is a painting software dedicated to Windows Operating System, that is suitable to beginners to advanced users.

Equipped with analog-like brush strokes and functional yet user-friendly interface, openCanvas has the higher basic performance and the unique “Event” function that enables to record and replay the drawing procedure.

Various functions and excellent performance of openCanvas strongly support visualizing your creativity. Enjoy creating an illustration with openCanvas!


  • Various Brushes
    Various pencil, pen, air brush, and watercolor types are included in the default setting. Also, using bitmap textures expands your artistic possibility.
    You can save the favorite brush setting for later.
  • Sharpen Level
    The lag caused by Sharpen Level has been improved by algorithmic correction. Smoother and more stabilized brush stroke is available.
    It is highly effective when drawing a long stroke, using a slippery pen nib, or working with a mouse.
  • Layer Mode
    22 types of Layer Mode let you express an unlimited possibility, such as by adjusting brightness, altering contrast, changing color tone, and more. Layer Mode except few options has compatibility to Adobe Photoshop.(※)
    ※Please note that it is the Layer Mode compatibility, but the display result is not guaranteed.
  • Layer Set
    Layer Set is a folder where you can place your multiple layers for more organization. You can apply any changes to layers within a layer set at once.
  • Filter
    openCanvas has 40 types of filter. Filter lets you adjust colors, apply texture, and more.
  • Text
    Text is used to set up font, size, spacing, kerning, etc. per a character. Text alignement and horizontal/vertical type option lets you add messages easily.
  • Ruler
    Perspective ruler helps you to create a three-dimensional illustration and to draw a precise building. There are one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective rulers. Parallel, radial, concentric circle rulers are not only convenient for creating effect lines but also useful for drawing background objects.
  • Hand
    openCanvas’ unique Hand tool lets you move, rotate, scale, flip vertical easily. Hand is available by pressing the space key. You can also temporarily switch to Hand while using the brush tool.
  • Event Function
    Have you ever wondered, “How has the illustration been created?”
    The greatest feature of GraphicEditor openCanvas is the Event function that enables you to record/replay the drawing procedure. By using this function, it shows the drawing procedure, that you have never been able to watch, via openCanvas software or the PGN community website. You can learn drawing techniques, brush setting, filter usgae, and many more from advanced users.
    GraphicEditor openCanvas is not just the drawing software but also lets you enjoy and learn illustration techniques.

PASS: menzil.

License: Fully Activated.



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