RaccoonBot v1.19.1.2483 Full Clash of Clans Bot Download

RaccoonBot v1.19.1.2483 Full ClashBot Download



This bot offers the most advanced attack algorithms due to it’s revolutionary image recognition system, which is so performant that we are able to drop spells in a extraordniary smart way (e. g. freezing infernos, raging specific troops, analyzing defensive buildings).


  • Build Tropps (Quicktrain Armies)
  • Use Heroes And It’s Abilities (When Dropping Low Life)
  • Avoid Strong Bases Depending On Specific Defenses’ Levels
  • Anti-Ban Tab (Humanized Core, Check For More Humanlike Settings)
  • Chat Module (Advertise Your Clan In Global Chat, Clan Chat Messages Also Available)
  • Request & Donate Troops (Keyword Check For Request Text Possible)
  • Auto Upgrade Buildings