Schoolhouse Test Professional v4.1.10.2 Full Download


Schoolhouse Test Professional v4.1.10.2 Full Download




Creating and printing a paper-and-pencil test, quiz, or exam, has never been easier. Schoolhouse Test makes a time-consuming chore a whole lot easier and the result considerably more professional. Some of our customers have even hinted that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can actually be an enjoyable process. If you’re looking for a professional test generator that makes quick work out of creating paper-and-pencil tests, quizzes, and exams then Schoolhouse Test is the program for you.


  • Create tests, quizzes, and exams with hundreds, even thousands, of questions.
  • Activate and deactivate test items with just a click of a checkbox.
  • Assign and display marks for each question in your quiz.
  • Auto reminder to back up your work – an invaluable feature if your computer is prone to power outages.
  • Select alternate lettering for multiple choice answers to meet formatting standards set by some USA state education authorities.
  • Document View Customize questions and answers using superscript, subscript, bold, italic and underline for words, phrases or whole blocks of text.
  • Document View Set custom font styles for the entire quiz or test from the Global Fonts dialog.
  • Document View Ribbon navigation brings the most used features out in the open making them easy to access, and eliminating the need for drop down menus that hide features and are sometimes difficult to work with.
  • Document View Add a picture or logo image to the Title Group (first page header) for both the test document and the answer sheet.
  • Document View Assign a Level and a Category to each question and then use those filters to select questions for your quizzes and tests.
  • Document View Use the Diagram question type to provide an image to be labeled, or to create a space on the test or answer sheet for diagrams to be drawn.
  • Document View The Fill-in-the-Blanks question provides a way to select parts of a words, a phrase, or entire sentences. Double-click a word to remove it from the text or click the Select button.
  • Document View Use pictures for answer choices for Multiple Choice, Matching, and Order questions. Or use a combination of text and picture for answers.
  • Document View Add a page break and opt to allow a question and its answer to be separated over multiple pages if necessary (uncheck Keep Together for a question to have it span more than one page).
  • Document View A standard Find and Replace to locate questions with particular terms faster, and replace words or phrases throughout the quiz or test easily.
  • Document View Copy and paste math equations from Microsoft Word or MathType as resizable pictures.
  • Document View Make any question a sample question by setting marks value to 0. The sample question will not be assigned a question number.
  • Document View A design editor that allows for multiple fill up and fill down edits to marks, level, category, and activation.

License: Fully activated.



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