Weaphones Firearms Sim Vol 2 Apk Full 1.4.0 Download

Weaphones Firearms Sim Vol 2 Apk Full 1.4.0 Download



Continuing our tradition of blending realism with fun, Volume 2 features all new weapons, from a machine pistol to a fully automatic shotgun. Experience how these weapons operate, with realistic reloading, chambering and stoppages.


» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects
» Full Interaction and Control
» Authentic Weapon Mechanics
» Accessories & Paint Options
» No Up-Sells or Upgrades, You Get Everything & Free Updates
» Detailed Full HD Graphics
» 100% Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference

Weapon Types:

» SMG.

MOD: Full…




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