WinReducer Ex-100 v0.9.80.0 Full Download


WinReducer Ex-100 v0.9.80.0 Full Download


  • Customize your Windows 10 ISO in all operating system : Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 or 10 !
  • Customize Windows 10 (Integrate cursors, themes, wallpapers or change files to improve Windows 10 appearance)
  • Help Tips available for each components (and all components help tips could be translated in your language)
  • Integrate (Applications, Drivers, Net Framework 3.5, Unattended Files or Updates to your customized Windows 10 ISO)
  • Load Language Files (Translate WinReducer EX-100 in your language)
    Load WinReducer GUI Theme (Improve WinReducer EX-100 Graphical User Interface)
  • Remove Windows Components (Make your choice to reduce and adapt Windows 10 to your needs)
  • Use WinReducer Custom Configuration File (Load or Save Presets files, also know as wccf file, to restore or save your settings)
    “All in One” ISO support with up to 55 Windows Editions
  • Choose between up to 850 different combinations to Customize, Integrate or Reduce your personal Windows 10 System !
  • No external software are provided in the zip package !
  • All “EX-100” builds support both WIndows 10.0 (TH1, TH2 and RS1) x86 and x64
    You absolutely need to test your ISO in a virtual machine, before installing it on your physical machine !


License: Fully Activated.



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