WinToUSB (also called Windows To USB) is the best free Windows To Go Creator that allows you to install and run Windows operating system on an external hard drive or USB flash drive, using an ISO/WIM/ESD/SWM/VHD/VHDX image file or CD/DVD drive as the source of installation, or you can clone current Windows OS installation (Windows 7 or later) to a USB drive as a Windows To Go Workspace.


  • Easy-to-use wizard interface that provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Windows To Go USB drive.
  • Creation of Windows To Go from an ISO/WIM/ESD/SWM/VHD/VHDX image file or CD/DVD drive.
  • Clone an existing Windows OS (Windows 7 or later) to a USB Drive as a Windows To Go Workspace.
  • Use of a Non-Enterprise Edition of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 to create Windows To Go Workspace.
  • Creation of Windows To Go on Non-Certified Windows To Go USB Drive.
  • Support for creating VHD-based/VHDX-based Windows To Go Workspace.
  • Support for creating Windows installation USB drives.

License: Fully Activated.

PASS: menzil



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